Came across this clutch while walking through Nordstroms this week. _8877424The colors are even more vivid that this picture shows. And you KNOW I love the the tassel!  Comes with a chain inside in case you want to wear in on your shoulder. By PRETTY SHIPS.


This top by JEN’S PIRATE BOOTY on the FREE PEOPLE site is awesome. A tiny pair of shorts and some cool studded tan sandals or some lightweight pants and heels. Oh the places I could go in this. Cool earrings and long necklace are a MUST!31876766_011_0


In a good heart to heart with myself lately, I am culling even more than I had originally planned as far as going through my clothing and accessories and selling on EBAY. Now that I have retired from a commuter job, I no longer have to get up and get “DRESSED” every day and that has really brought to home how much I HAVE and how much I DON’T NEED. I love all of my carefully bought designer items but HOW MUCH do I need them now? DSC_2343Don’t get me wrong! I will keep some of my hard earned, favorite items but I am going to let go of some that I realistically won’t need in a much less stressful environ. I pretty much want to grab a pair of comfortable dressy looking pants or jeans, a T-shirt, a Fabulous jacket, boots, bag, and go! (Funny, these are actually photos of my closet about 6 months ago. I have culled SO much but still feel like I have a LONG way to go!)


I am in LOVE! I found the coolest website called THE REFORMATION. This tencel light weight coat is amazing! I am short so I would HAVE to wear it with heels but OH could I rock it!allumette-jacket-19935-837z


I love this personal size blanket. Beautiful sunny color! 32296691_072_aA more muted dusk color one is available for those so inclined. Perfect for laying on or wrapping up in around a fire. On the FREE PEOPLE site now!