When life give you cherries…

As promised a photo of the neighbors cherry tree.  I would be out there picking picking picking…

July 27th, 2015

We are both sleeping well and are giving some credence to this cherry/sleep study. Be sure and search on the Internet , “cherry juice and sleep”. Bill read in our home paper before we left that a study/studies have been done to link better sleep with ingesting cherries. The arcile that Bill read said that drinking just one glass of tart cherry juice (particularly Montmorency-but specifically TART) may improve  your sleep thanks to the high levels of melatonin. There is so much more on the internet, some individuls slept up to 39-40 minutes more, there are links to weight loss, lowering the risk of Type II diabetes, lowering gout, etc. There were actually a couple of good informational videos from the Dr. Oz show where they mention hat you can also eat frozen or dried tart cherries, tart cherry juice concentrate and then as I said, the juice. We have started drinking an 8 oz. glass as our dessert after dinner. 

We had the bedroom windows open last night because we were starting to get too warm in the night. The house is adobe and as with most Taos homes there is no air-conditioning (they don’t need it! We have seen their warmest day and it was 86 degrees!) . Adobe stays cool and can stay warm too! Sometime in the night the rain started back up again, so soothing to listen to. 

Up this morning for coffee, Yoga for me, gym workout for Bill and Sheila. Another sunny “chill” day today. I sat out in the sun for some vitamin D because I see some rainy days ahead in our forecast. We did a little prep for these rainy days. Set up the DVD player and have some DVD’s on standby. Our CASA also has two brand new flat screen TV’s with Direct TV. So far we haven’t turned on the TV ! 

Funny things in the TAOS newpaper on the police blotter. Makes you appreciate a smaller town. 3:05 p.m., Larceny – A woman reported drugs were stolen from her refrigerator. The drug was described as a little square brownie.

Must go paint!  Starting to cloud up again for our late afternoon shower. Tonight’s feaured dinner. Mixed green salad with grilled Sourdough, Grilled Lime Shrimp, brown rice, corn. Cherry juice for dessert. (Note to self…gas grill for home).

Roo hard at work.

July 26th, 2015

This is where Bill has set up camp. This is a small desk set up in the living room. We haven’t had any issues with internet service here and have been able to work just as we would at home. Roo sets up camp anywhere she pleases. 

Today is Sunday and the weekends get a little crazy with tourist (haha) and traffic so we decided to chill again at home. I think we will do most of our outings during the week days and nights. We are not in any hurry since we have so much time here. We have found out a lot of information for events during our stay which will be revealed in further posts. Started two more paintings today. Still in initial stages.

Sounds from the porch…local church bells, live music from Eske’s Brew Pub or maybe the Plaza, an occasional horse whiney, occasional goat baaaaaaaaah, dogs barking, crow. 


  There is a HUGE weeping willow that is right behind our house. That is our roof along the bottom and right corner of the photo. Tomorrow when the sun is shining on the cherries I will post a photo of the cherry tree next door. I have cherry envy! 

Santa Fe Pale Ale al fresco’. Raining but we are tucked up under the porch. That wonderful dusty smell of rain and a cooling in the temperature. Roo is usually looking for her Thunder-shirt by now but seems content to hang on the porch.

 Tonight’s rainbow…

My Office.

I can’t seem to move my rear from here.

July 25th, 2015

Up for coffee and a 54 minute run shortly after 7:00 a.m. on the back roads in town. The highest speed limit on these back roads is 25 miles and hour and some at 15 miles an hour. Everyone is very cautious and friendly. Home for a shower then a walk with Roo in the park and checked out the Saturday Farmers Market in the plaza. Lots of interesting folk. Music. Food. Vegetable. Baked goods. Warmest day today. Will get up to 86 degrees (99 at home!). Tonight grilled chicken soft tacos on the porch. 

The picture above is the side porch that Roo and I have planted ourselves on the whole time unless we are sleeping. I have figured out that I can put a pillow on either side of the little wicker couch and lay quite comfortable. (This place has the outdoor space in the yard for a hammock but there is not one.) The window on the left is the kitchen window which looks out on to the mountain photo from the post on July 21st. To the right as you are looking at my “office” space is the sliding glass door into the living room (more pics later!). Further to the right on the outside is the outdoor area where I paint. (See photo from July 22nd).

We really will leave the compound at some point but are just having too much fun chilling! 



July 24th, 2015

Today was my first class at Shree Yoga just off the plaza in TAOS. It was an awesome class in a beautiful place. Wood floors, wood beam ceilings, white wash walls, eastern sun streaming in through soft white curtains and paned windows (and two JOTUL wood burning fireplaces for the winter!) I will try to update this post with a better photo later. Props galore, a draped changing area with velvet curtains in a circle going up to the ceiling. A curtained area in an “S” shape dividing the entrance and front desk from the yoga area but it looks like the curtain can be pulled back to enlarge the room for larger groups. I was so thankful for my training with my yoga teacher back home so I didn’t make a fool of myself. I kept up, felt confidant and got a great workout. Bill and Roo were working out at a local gym.

They picked me up from yoga and we took a walk in KIT CARSON park where Roo did some TAI CHI with the locals. Back to CASA for the slow afternoon on the porch. Cold beer. Grilled dinner.

This is my dog on Taos…

   We are BLISSED! Having a BLISS ED day… I think my dog is meditating here. Maybe she will levitate!

July 23, 2015

We have officially settled in. We opened the porch sliding glass door to 53 degrees and brewed freshly ground coffee. We decided to check out YERBA trail and take Roo for her first hike. NEVERMIND. After our initial ascent was a no go for Miss Tendertoes and we later learned most likely would have been if it had just been us two. It is graded as Easy to Moderate but not being hikers I don’t think we were ready for the fact that the first section passes through rock cliffs and crosses the creek 16 times. We had the correct shoes but the experience. We drove up to TAOS ski valley which is under major construction. At some point, I am hoping to get to the Bavarian restaurant up there with Bill and Roo for a glass of wine and the view.

TAOS has grown so much since I last spent time here (Maybe in the late 70’s?). There are parts I recognize and parts I don’t. It still has that “skiing in blue jeans” feel. Very laid back. No one is dress up. Shorts, hiking boots, hats, Tevas, backpacks. 

Another afternoon of painting, reading, writing all while sitting out on the porch (The mosquitos are not interested in me here. Maybe had one bite so far. I think they are eating local!). Tonight a repeat of last nights dinner with a small glass of tart cherry juice for desert.

Artist in Residence.

My easel and painting under part of our covered porch with the mountain view.

July 22, 2015

The first full day of our stay in Taos! Bill and I set out at 7:30 a.m. for a quick 30 minute run to check out where the library is so he can check out books during our stay. I brought a small sack of Tony Hillerman (Navajo policeman Joe Leaphorn) mystery novels so I didn’t need a library card. After we returned back to the CASA and Roo we decided to take advantage of the gas grill furnished by our CASA. We set out to the “Whole Foods” style grocery and found the most delicious sourdough loaf, Free-Range chicken breast, brown rice, salad and salad dressing. Bill had breakfast earlier and I had “picnic” lunch on the patio. After lunch, I set up my easel and got to work. Later I listened to some music, and read a bit. Later in the afternoon we cracked open a lovely bottle of Pinot Grigio, had a first course of a lovely mixed green salad and grilled sourdough. Second course of grilled chicken (Bill marinated these in lime juice, olive oil and salt) and brown rice. Bill had strawberries for desert. All of the above on our covered back porch with the mountain view. Bliss…



July 21, 2015.

Bill, Sheila-Roo and I finally made it to Taos, NM where we will spend 5-6 weeks of our summer escaping the TEXAS heat! (Our business is such that we can move from place to place and as long as we have cell phones and Internet service!). Above is a view of TAOS Mountain from the covered side porch of the CASA we rented for the first part of our stay.We arrived last Tuesday (I suddenly had an epiphany to post on this almost forgotten blog site of mine, our travels to TAOS!), and Sheila and I have pretty much spent the entire time on this porch! The weather here is mid 80’s for the highs and low’s in the mid 50’s.

We arrived to a warm afternoon, scoped out where our Casa was, stopped for a fabulous grilled turkey (with avocado!) sandwich at Taso Diner II, we sat out front with Sheila and took in the view. I enjoyed an Arnold Palmer with my sandwich (I forgot how good those are!). We decided to walk up and check out where I will be taking Yoga during my stay and took in the Plaza as well. After an hour and a half walk, we decided to head back down for a light grocery shop at the store right on the corner and then head to the CASA. When we arrived the lady next door was picking beautiful cherries right off of her own tree! We unloaded, got a feel for the place,  had a light “picnic” dinner and then tucked into bed after a long day.  Our Casa is pretty much perfect! I will share photos during the next couple of days.